Seth Meyers on Trump’s Budget Cuts: ‘Your Heart Is So Small It Makes Your Tiny Hands Look Like Catcher Mitts’

Here’s a clip from last night’s Late Night, where Seth Meyers takes “A Closer Look” at how Donald Trump has been complaining about the political climate not allowing him to fulfill some of his biggest campaign promises, plus his new budget plan that cuts pretty much every federal agency including anti-poverty programs like Meals on Wheels. “So Trump had his travel ban blocked, his healthcare bill is collapsing, and members of his own party say there’s no proof for his wiretapping claim. How could Trump possibly make things worse for himself?” Meyers says. “Meals on Wheels?! How dead inside do you have to be to not want old people to get food? Your heart is so small it makes your tiny hands look like catcher mitts.”

Seth Meyers on Trump’s Budget Cuts: ‘Your Heart Is So […]