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The Young Han Solo Movie Will Finally Reveal How Han Solo ‘Got His Name’

Is that you Han Solo?

For too many years we have all just accepted that in a galaxy far, far away that contains magic, you might expect to meet a dude named Han Solo. Today, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that soon the origins of “Han Solo” will be a mystery no more. At a USC business and tech event, Iger revealed that the still-untitled young Han Solo movie will cover the smuggler’s life story from ages 18 to 24, and reveal how he found the Millennium Falcon, met Chewbacca, and “got his name.”

Now that’s a weird turn of phrase. Perhaps Iger meant name as in “reputation,” and we’ll see how Han Solo made a name for himself — is this a Kessel Run movie? But Iger’s use of “got” implies that he’s talking literally, which means that we’ll learn how Han Solo, who was not originally named Han Solo, ended up being Han Solo.

Some theories as to what exactly will go down:

His real name is Hank, but that doesn’t sound cool.

There were twins collectively named Han Duo, but then one died.

“Han Solo” means “cool hero” in an as-yet-to-be-revealed alien language.

“Han Solo” means “asshole” in an as-yet-to-be-revealed alien language, but Han Solo thinks it means “cool hero.”

The movie is a documentary about Disney lawyers officially changing Alden Ehrenreich’s name to Han Solo.

Lando’s real name is Han Solo. This is a body-swap comedy.

His parents named him Han Solo, and we’re just getting an filmed re-creation of his space baptism.

The movie is about a guy with amnesia who wakes up next to a hand and a sketch of the 15th letter of the English alphabet — a sole “o”!

Everybody except for Han Solo is actually named Han Solo, while he somehow has every name known to the universe. A space witch reverses this.

Han Solo’s real name is “Midi Chlorian.”

Han Solo’s real name is George Lucas.

The Han Solo Movie Will Reveal How Han ‘Got His Name’