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Colbert Report’s Stephen Colbert Took Over the Late Show for ‘The Werd’ on Trump’s Budget

Before Late Show host Stephen Colbert could dive into his take on President Trump’s proposed budget cuts on Monday, the show was taken over by The Colbert Report’s Stephen Colbert, who came in wielding a Captain America shield and ready to defend the budget’s cuts to the elderly and poor. The comedian’s conservative, blowhard alter ego returned for a version of the popular “Word” segment from the Comedy Central series, which has since been retitled for the CBS show as “The Werd” due to copyright issues. Among the arguments Colbert made during the sketch were, “Why feed children if they aren’t doing better in school? Take the food away and maybe they’ll be hungry for knowledge.” On the screen appeared the werds: “less carrot, more stick.” Somewhere out there we’re sure Late Show’s Colbert was shaking his head.

Stephen Colbert Brought Back ‘The Werd’ for Trump’s Budget