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Could T.J. Miller’s The Gorburger Show Be the New Comedy Bang Bang?

Gorburger of The Gorburger Show Photo: Funny or Die

Now that IFC’s Comedy Bang Bang has gone off the air, the stoner-friendly comedy show world is in the midst of a slight decline. But fear not, because the natural heir to the archly-absurd-and-funny throne is shortly arriving on Comedy Central, courtesy of T.J. Miller. As Splitsider reports, Miller’s web series The Gorburger Show is set to make its official TV debut on April 9 at midnight, and it sounds like it might fill CBB’s Scott Aukerman-sized loafers quite nicely. Miller will star as “the voice of a giant blue extraterrestrial” who takes over a Japanese TV variety show and has guests ranging from Rob Corddry to Kenny G to Tig Notaro to — yes — Reggie Watts. The show started as a Funny or Die series a few years back, typically with musicians coming on as guests. A weird talk show with an alienlike host and Reggie Watts in tow at a munchies-adjacent hour of night? Nothing can fill the Comedy Bang Bang–sized hole in our hearts, but The Gorburger Show might come close.

T.J. Miller’s The Gorburger Show: Your New Comedy Bang Bang?