The Daily Show Has a Plan to Spare Meals on Wheels From Trump’s Budget Cuts: Just Militarize It

According to The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah, President Trump’s new federal budget proposal trims a lot of fat out of most governmental departments … then keeps trimming until all the meat’s gone and you’re gnawing on a bare bone. Speaking of gnawing, one of the programs up for a budget cut is Meals on Wheels, a service that delivers food to elderly and homebound Americans. Meanwhile, the country’s military budget would potentially receive a huge boost. Rallying correspondent Roy Wood Jr. and actual elderly military veterans to the cause, The Daily Show figured out a pretty ingenious workaround: Meal Team Six, a food delivery service that also happens to be part of the Army. Hey, we’re already militarizing everything else. Why not use those drones to deliver fish?

The Daily Show Suggests Maybe Militarizing Meals on Wheels