‘The Daily Show’s Desi Lydic Attempts to Find Paid Trump Protesters in Alabama

Republican lawmakers have recently been flooded with angry constituents at town halls across the country in response to the Trump administration, and since Trump and his supporters keep alleging that the protesters are paid and bussed in from other districts, Daily Show correspondent Desi Lydic decided to investigate at a recent town hall in Alabama. In case you ever need help spotting paid protesters, here’s one Trump supporter’s guide:

Trump supporter: If they can’t engage with you about a policy or an issue they’re most likely paid because they’ve been given talking points. Somebody has to tell them what to say: Let’s start talking about Hitler! The only place I hear them talk about Hitler is from talking points. Lydic: So the way to tell that someone’s being paid is to bring up Hitler. Trump supporter: Well, Hitler or anything else: tax return, Russia, Hitler…like, I would never bring up Hitler and all that stuff, cause I think all that stuff is… Lydic: You brought up Hitler like ten times already.

Unfortunately Lydic doesn’t find any proof that the protesters are paid, but she does find some people there who traveled in from another district – guess which group?

‘The Daily Show’s Desi Lydic Attempts to Find Paid […]