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The Guy Behind Is Working on a Dating Reality Show

Photo: Pool/Getty Images

Back in May 2016, David Goss launched, a dating site for Trump supporters (and Twitter eggs) looking for love. It reportedly has around 37,500 users at the moment, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Goss is working on his next venture: a politics-themed, competitive reality dating show. He’s teamed up with production company Boxx Communications, and though it’s still very early on in the development process, Goss told THR, “I started because of the divide in our country, and as this divide grows further every day, we want to see if we can help bring people back together.”

Boxx Communications president and CEO Mark Walker, who said he’s not a Trump fan, added, “We would love to create a show that can show different people’s positions and possibly bring them together.” Featured dates will presumably include shopping for MAGA gear and calling strangers on the internet “cucks” for hours.

The Guy Behind Is Working on a Dating Show