The Weather Channel Forecast: Shady, With a High Likelihood of Burns After Naming Next Winter Storm After Stephen Colbert

The Weather Channel is predicting upwards of 18 inches of petty to fall on and around Stephen Colbert this week. The Late Show host recently delivered a monologue in which he poked fun at the network for naming last week’s overhyped snowstorm Winter Storm Stella when, you know, the government usually names storms. Unlike Stella itself, however, the Weather Channel came in much harder than expected, burying Stephen Colbert’s entire professional life up until its only highlight, having the next winter storm named Winter Storm Colbert. The late night host graciously acknowledged the honor last night, so here’s hoping Winter Storm Colbert doesn’t end up being some kind of horrific region-paralyzing snowpocalypse. That would just ruin this excellent bit.

The Weather Channel Names Next Storm After Stephen Colbert