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TMZ Founder Harvey Levin Met With Donald Trump to Talk About ‘Opportunities’ and Getting Access to Tom Brady

In between signing executive orders that ban travel to the United States from residents in majority-Muslim nations and tweeting about the former president of the United States bugging his phones, current commander-in-chief Donald Trump found time to take an Oval Office meeting with Harvey Levin. Levin is, of course, the founder of Hollywood gossip epicenter TMZ. In addition to getting a tour of the White House, presidential spokesperson Hope Hicks told the New York Times that the two men “were discussing future opportunities,” which could include Trump sitting for another round of Levin’s Fox News series Objectified, in which famous people discuss their most treasured possessions. Levin interviewed Trump for the show last fall and tossed him softballs along the lines of “Who is Donald Trump?” The best part of this report from the Times, though, might be the part about Levin using the president for his Rolodex. The tabloid mogul apparently covets an Objectified interview with Tom Brady so much that he might have asked Trump to facilitate a connection to the New England Patriots star. A second interview with a sitting president is cool and all, but talking to a Super Bowl–winning quarterback is a real white whale, and Levin will do what he has to do to make it happen.

TMZ’s Founder Met With Donald Trump to Talk ‘Opportunities’