Director Uwe Boll Wants Jennifer Lawrence to Know He Read Her Actual Teenage Diary

Lawrence, Boll. Photo: Getty Images

Uwe Boll, known to many as “the world’s worst director” responsible for films like Blubberella and Bloodrayne: The Third Reich, got the Vanity Fair profile treatment today. But buried deep among descriptions of Boll’s angst-filled journey from budding auteur to cinematic punch line, a reputation brought about in part by his decision to eschew traditional moviemaking necessities like having a script, the German-born director casually drops an aside about reading Jennifer Lawrence’s teenage diary while renting out her parents’ home in Los Angeles (he says he slept in her old bedroom). “You should actually write that in the article,” Boll told VF. “She doesn’t know it.” Though Lawrence was partially raised in Kentucky, she landed her first TV role at 16 and convinced her parents to move to L.A. during her teenage years, so it’s ostensibly possible her childhood belongings are tucked away on some bookshelf in L.A. somewhere. On the other hand, what? As for the rest of Boll’s career aspirations, he says he currently plans to focus on producing, but if he decides to return to the director’s chair to make a presumably terrible movie about a young Kentucky girl’s quest for stardom, then and only then will we know the truth.

Uwe Boll Says He Read Jennifer Lawrence’s Teenage Diary