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Puking Is on the List of Things We Are Apparently Willing to Watch Constance Wu Do in the Trailer for Hulu’s Dimension 404

The first trailer for the root of a frenetic but fleeting romance between Lea Michele and Robert Buckley, whom we choose to forever mention in the same breath as One Tree Hill, is here. The duo are but two of the verifiable bevvy of TV quantities at work in Dimension 404, the Hulu anthology sci-fi series that bills itself as The Twilight Zone by way of Black Mirror. Which is to say, a Lea Michele photo op is far from the most unnerving of Dimension 404’s manifold output. The show also includes the fulfilled dream of Constance Wu and Meg Mullally sharing the screen, a fact that more than makes up for Wu’s apparent membership in a sickening club. Joel McHale, Sarah Hyland, and Patton Oswalt all also appear in the Freddie Wong–created show, so if you watch Dimension 404, you can pretty much call it quits on the rest of TV. After all, nothing says questionable futuristic reality like efficiency maximization.

Watch a Boatload of TV Stars in Hulu’s Dimension 404 Trailer