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The Tonight Show’s Catchphrase Game Is a Really Good Argument for a Film Co-starring Octavia Spencer and John Lithgow

In the annals of the ever-expanding universe that is “throwing together a bunch of famous humans in late-night television games,” there is usually not much there there. No offense, everyone involved. But that is not so in the case here, as Jimmy Fallon sets a Tonight Show Catchphrase match for the ages: Octavia Spencer and John Lithgow versus Fallon and country-music star Luke Bryan. It’s surprisingly nail-biting, high-stakes business from the outset, with Luke Bryan first thanking Jimmy for setting him up for failure against two “world-class actors.” Of course much focus, pseudo-restrained miming and excitement then ensues. But most important, this clip is just a long, beautiful audition tape for an as-yet-unwritten film where Octavia Spencer and John Lithgow shout at each other, only helpfully. Get writing, Hollywood.

Watch Octavia Spencer and John Lithgow Nail ‘Catchphrase’