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Grab Your Banjo and Your Stapler: Steve Martin Is Teaching an Online Master Class in Comedy

Struggling stand-ups and wild and crazy guys in need of jokes, Steve Martin is here to help with his 25-part master class on comedy. In the trailer for the $90 program, Martin, between silly faces and banjo-solo montages, promises that you don’t need to have an inherent skill at saying funny things onstage in front of a dark room full of people, or in front of a drive-in movie theater filled with cars, to get better. After all, Martin, a comic who sold out arenas all across the country and a drive-in, can “guarantee you I had no talent. None.” The class also includes a downloadable workbook and “office hours” that allow students to upload videos of their performance that might be selected for critique. Preenrollment is open now, and you know Martin is destined to be your favorite professor ever.

Steve Martin to Teach Internet to Be Funny With Master Class