Whoopi Goldberg Talks Fake News Article About Her: ‘I Could Have Found Out About This at the End of a Barrel of a Gun’

Today on The View, Whoopi Goldberg discussed a recent article circulated by a fake news site claiming Whoopi said Carryn Owens, widow of deceased Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens, made an appearance at Trump’s first congressional address last month for “the attention.” Having never expressed that opinion, Goldberg was horrified to see how fast and how far the rumor flew. “It endangered my family’s life and it endangered my life,” she said. Fearful of how total strangers can latch onto fabricated news with sometimes violent results, Goldberg cited shooter Edgar Welch, who responded to rumors about the Pizzagate child-sex-trafficking conspiracy by firing a gun in the Washington, D.C., pizza parlor Comet Ping Pong, observing, “If I hadn’t been made aware of this, I could have found out about this at the end of the barrel of a gun.” Goldberg goes on to suggest legislation should be put in motion to prevent fake news. “Sir, the fact that you don’t give a crap that it endangered me is unconscionable,” she concluded, addressing the person who wrote the item. “I’m getting my lawyer and I’m coming for you.”

Whoopi Goldberg Discusses Fake News About Her on The View