Alan Arkin Trolled Ben Affleck to Get Him to Stop Doing a Bad Impression of Him

Back during the throes of Argo’s press tour, Ben Affleck decided he was very good at doing an impression of Alan Arkin. Affleck, it seems, didn’t run this by Arkin, who revealed to BuzzFeed that he wasn’t particularly flattered by the joke. “Ben Affleck started doing me, a terrible version of me — terrible! — but he wouldn’t stop. He started doing it, I heard him do it about 30 times. He was doing it on talk shows,” Arkin says around the three-minute mark. (Get the gist of Affleck’s impression here.) Because Arkin is apparently a genius troll, he decided to cash in on some of the Batfleck drama and give his Argo director a taste of his own medicine, feigning a high-pitched voice for his very own Batfleck impression. Arkin said he stopped when Affleck asked him to, but maybe the lovable curmudgeon will find it in his heart to trot out the impression when it’s time to promote The Batman.

Alan Arkin Absolutely Hated Ben Affleck’s Impression of Him