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Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump Pays a Visit to His ‘No Matter What’ Coal-Mine Country Voters

Fed up with those do-nothing Washington elites, Donald Trump was kind enough to pay a visit to his loyal supporters in Boone County, Kentucky, to feed off their undivided love regardless of what he actually does in the Oval Office. Don’t want to stay in the coal-mining industry for much longer? Too bad! Annoyed that your Obamacare premiums have skyrocketed? Paul Ryan’s problem, talk to him! Worried about your wife who’s addicted to painkillers? Wives can be crazy, let’s get rid of federally sponsored rehab programs! As Alec Baldwin’s Trump rationalizes it: These people stand by him no matter what, like finding a finger in chili and still eating it.

Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump Pays Visit to Coal-Mine Country