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Anne Hathaway, Film Scholar, Says Gone Girl Is One of Her Favorite Rom-Coms

Either Anne Hathaway has put lot of thought into the dynamics of genre filmmaking, or she’s just trolling James Corden. Honestly, we expect the former, because Anne Hathaway is smart and good, and how could you not like someone who tells a late-night host that her favorite romantic comedies are Notting Hill and Gone Girl? “Think about it,” she says. “It’s like a David Fincher rom-com!” Anne points out that the moment where Amy faints is “so rom-com” (she’s not wrong!) and probably has all sorts of arguments at the ready (people have made this argument before) before Rob Delaney and Armie Hammer take over with jokes about Inception and Fight Club.

In case you would like to watch a more traditional rom-com, Hathaway and Corden also put together a rom-com medley. Nobody is stabbed during the clip, unfortunately.

Anne Hathaway Says Gone Girl Is One of Her Favorite Rom-Coms