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Anthony Atamanuik Gives Stephen Colbert a Step-by-Step Guide to His Trump Impression

A good Trump impression is hard to find, and The Late Show has aired the trade secrets to perfecting it. Alec Baldwin revealed his tips a few nights ago, and now Anthony Atamanuik has joined Stephen Colbert to give his how-to. The star of Comedy Central’s upcoming The President Show discussed how he “pitches forward” to perfect Trump’s impossible sloping posture, drops his voice, brings in his arms, and lets his mouth sag to give an uncanny POTUS impression. “He’s like a shih tzu,” Atamanuik said. “Trump is like a shih tzu.” If you want a close up of Atamanuik’s Trump impression IRL, he’ll be in character at Vulture Fest on May 21, in conversation with New York’s Gabriel Sherman. *Per Atamanuik’s instructions, pitches forward, drops voice* It’ll be huge, folks.

Anthony Atamanuik Explains the Key to His Trump Impression