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A Brief Compendium of Big Little Lies’ Red Herrings

“You’re gonna kill me.”

Spoilers ahead for the season finale of Big Little Lies.

Well, there you have it. After seven tense weeks filled with every possible murder theory under the sun, HBO’s Big Little Lies went out with a decisive bang: Bonnie killed Perry as he was violently attacking Celeste at the elementary school’s trivia night, pushing him down the stairs as the other women looked on. We can’t say we’re surprised (or sad) to see the abusive Perry meet his maker, but we’ll admit we didn’t expect to see mellow yoga instructor Bonnie be the one to do it, especially after the series gave us a solid number of red herrings that alluded to, well, anything otherwise. As we take in that doozy of a finale, let’s revisit the would-be deaths that never came to fruition.

“Do you want to see how teenagers die? This is how.” — Madeline to Chloe, before she confronts a car full of teens who nearly caused an accident

“It’s a whole story. I’m gonna kill Abigail.” — Madeline to Celeste, as she introduces her to Jane by sharing how they met

“What did we say about shooting Mom before noon?” — Perry to his twin boys, as they shot at Celeste with Nerf guns

“You’re dead in this town, as is your fucking puppet show.” — Renata to Madeline, after she fails to convince Madeline to attend her daughter’s birthday party

“Ed will kill me.” — Madeline to Celeste, in the middle of a yoga class

“I’m gonna kill her.” — Renata to Gordon, still frustrated that Madeline ditched her daughter’s birthday party

“I’d kill him if I could.” — Jane to Madeline, speaking about her rapist

“She’s gonna kill you.” — Bonnie to Nathan, after he hangs up the phone while speaking to Madeline

“There’s more than one person I’d like to shoot in this town.” — Madeline to Jane, after Jane tells her she partakes in occasional target practice to stay safe

“When this violence occurs, have you ever been afraid you might die?” — Dr. Reisman to Celeste, during one of their many intense therapy sessions

“You’re gonna kill me.” — Perry to Celeste, in a weird attempt to sweet-talk her

“You’re lucky I didn’t kill you.” — Perry to Celeste, after they return home from his brief hospitalization due to Celeste fracturing his penis

“I promise Amabella won’t be killed dead.” — Jane to Ziggy, when she tries to get him to reveal who’s hurting Amabella at school

*Finger pistols* — pointed at Tom by Gordon at the talent show

“If I get shot in the head tonight, half of these moms are gonna say, she couldn’t bother herself to duck?” — Renata to Gordon, as they’re getting ready for the school’s trivia night

A Brief Compendium of Big Little Lies’ Red Herrings