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Björk’s “Notget VR” Video Gets You Pretty Excited for All the VR Music Videos the Future Must Hold

Virtual reality has long been touted as the entertainment technology of the near future, and if there’s one person who you can count on to be just beyond on the cutting edge, it’s Björk. Having premiered it in VR at Iceland’s Airwaves Festival this past fall, the Vulnicura singer released the video for “Notget VR” on YouTube today, where you can enjoy it whether or not you’ve invested in the Oculus Rift lifestyle. Notes Pitchfork, the singer also used VR when creating her “moving album cover” video for the song “Family,” and for her “Black Lake” and “Stonemilker” shorts that debuted at MoMA in 2015. Now you can use Björk’s albums not only as a way to get over your own break-ups, but as a way to more fully experience hers. For example, to Björk, heartache feels like transforming into a glowing underwater fairy haunted by a colossal jellyfish-like leviathan. Every other musician: time to step up to the virtual plate, guys. Get the ‘net, Ed Sheeran.

Björk Drops New Full ‘Notget VR’ Music Video