Blake Lively Spends Her Time Practicing the Movements From The OA

*hisses* Photo: Netflix, Getty Images

A Manhattan apartment, late at night: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds decide to try out a new Netflix show. They settle on The OA. After a few episodes, Ryan slips into a quiet slumber under his Deadpool blankie. But Blake, Blake feels something. She’s in awe. She’s moved. She believes that she, too, might have some connection to the beyond. The series ends. It’s 7 a.m. The sun, breaking through the clouds in the east, gives the morning a magical suspense. Blake steps off the couch. She’s inspired. She starts to move.

Now, we don’t know if this exactly happened, but we do know that Blake Lively loves to do the movements from The OA. She revealed as much in a video shoot for Variety (above), saying that “mine’s a little bit more interpretive, because it’s hard to get all the movements right. And I think I’m terrific at it, ’cause it feels so good, but I’m really bad at it, but it’s fun.”

For those who have not watched The OA, the movements are a series of interpretive dance steps that, potentially, have mystical powers. If you’d like to dance along with Blake Lively — or if you are Blake Lively and want some tips — Vulture previously put together a GIF guide to them. Please imagine Blake shooting out her fingers and hissing in the middle of the apartment. “You’re doing great, honey,” Ryan says from the kitchen, not really paying attention. Then, exhausted after half an hour of trying to perfect movement No. 4, Blake adjusts her athleisure pants and reaches over to her phone to text Brit Marling, “Girl, I just loooved your show!!! Brunch soon?”

Blake Lively Likes to Do the Movements From The OA