Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney Planned to Flesh Out Carrie Fisher’s Character in Future Catastrophe Seasons

Carrie Fisher. Photo: Ed Miller/Amazon

Just like you, Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan wish they had more time with Carrie Fisher. The late Star Wars star appeared as Delaney’s irascible mom Mia on the first three seasons of the duo’s Catastrophe, and according to Horgan, before the actress’s death they had intended to delve deeper into Fisher’s character in the show’s upcoming seasons. “We wanted to do a lot more with Carrie. I was only just beginning to be invited to her house!” the show’s co-creator and star says in an interview with “Page Six.” “We wanted to tell more about that character. We wanted to flesh her out more and give her a story and a reason for her behavior. And the only reason why we did that is because Carrie made us want to do that.” Delaney agrees: “Only now am I realizing — because I’ve been sad as a human being and friend of hers — but yeah, I do feel now stolen from.”

The pair both recall being shocked by Fisher’s death in December, precipitated by a medical emergency on a flight from London to L.A. four days earlier. “We had no idea. I don’t think she had any idea,” says Delaney, who wrote fondly about his co-star in the Guardian. Fisher had finished shooting her scenes for the show’s third season, which premieres next Friday, shortly before she died. “She brought her incredible, crazy, hilarious, warm, kind personality, but she also brought us the character of Mia,” Horgan says. “You know, we wrote it down, but she made her the brilliant monster that she is. I miss her, but I’ll miss her in our show, you know, I’ll miss that character and I’ll miss being able to tell that character’s story.”

Catastrophe Creators Planned for More Carrie Fisher