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The Chainsmokers Misspelled Pittsburgh on a Banner for Their Pittsburgh Show

We regret to inform you that the Chainsmokers, a musical duo comprised of at least one shy little baby voice, have offended the great people of the city of Pittsburgh. Their crime: misspelling Pittsburgh. During the duo’s sold-out arena show in the city, they ended their set with a banner that spelled Pittsburgh — the 63rd largest city in the United States — “Pittsburg.” Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, the (again, alleged) adults and Chainsmokers in question, apologized for the error in a now-deleted tweet saved by Spin. Then, they really leaned into their inability to properly spell major metropolitan areas:

Just to be safe, can someone send these chart-toppers the Phonics Game?

The Chainsmokers Misspell Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Show