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Chris Evans Stars in Dennis, the New Biopic About Some Absolute Nobody Loser Named Dennis, on Kimmel

Jesse Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg was cold and Machiavellian, and Michael Fassbender’s Steve Jobs was irascible and calculating, but did either of them ever drop a microwave cheeseburger in the toilet and eat it anyway? Not in their respective movies, at least, which places Chris Evans’s new acting role in its own echelon. Based on the life of Dennis, some random crumb bum in the Jimmy Kimmel Live! audience who Chris Evans has been stalking for weeks, the Captain America: Civil War actor’s new film digs deep into the dull heart of Dennis’s gross and meaningless existence. Evans might not win an Oscar for the part, but he will definitely win a Dennis, which is, of course, a gold-plated toilet cheeseburger.

Chris Evans Shoots Biopic About That Loser Dennis on Kimmel