Chris Gethard Tells Conan O’Brien About His Very Beautiful, Very Depressing Trip to Ireland

Here’s a clip from last night’s Conan, where Chris Gethard tells O’Brien about his recent trip to Ireland, where he got to visit his grandfather’s village, meet an old man who knew his relatives, and learn some of the most Irish stories about his family ever. “I called my mom from a field and said ‘Did poppy ever tell you anything happy about this place?’ She said ‘There was this one little bridge over this stream, and he always talked about how much he loved it.’ And I said ‘I can see it!’ I could see it from where I was standing in this field,” Gethard says. “And she said ‘Yeah, him and the other Catholic boys used to meet there and fist fight the Protestants on that bridge.’ I later found out the field I was standing in used to be an orchard owned by my family until my great-grandfather gambled it away and then went blind.”

Watch some more clips from the interview below:

Chris Gethard Tells Conan O’Brien About His Very […]