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Stephen Colbert Asks Us All to Reconsider George W. Bush’s ‘Weird Sh*t’ Inauguration Comment

What did George W. Bush think of Trump’s inauguration? It was fine. It was average. He got to wear a show-stealing poncho. It was … “some weird shit,” to be precise. (Yikes.) But as some phrases can be blissfully lost in translation from time to time, Stephen Colbert wants us to put on our thinking hats and consider the possibility of the “shit weirdness” meaning … something else entirely. Let’s do it! “Remember, Bush called Karl Rove ‘Turd Blossom,’ so it’s possible that ‘weird shit’ might be his nickname for Donald Trump,” Colbert explained. “The comment was witnessed by three people. Three people! That’s over half of Trump’s inaugural crowd.” Really makes you think.

Colbert Asks Us to Reconsider Bush’s ‘Weird Sh*t’ Comment