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Daily Show Joins the Texas Students Protesting Legal Guns on Campus With Illegal Dildos

The Daily Show has argued against the “good guy with a gun” theory of stopping mass shooters for a while, and on Monday night’s episode correspondent Roy Wood Jr. decided to join an anti-gun movement. After speaking to a firearms activist promoting a Texas law that allows concealed handguns on campus and in the classrooms at universities, Wood followed up with a student enrolled at one of these colleges who was less than thrilled with the legislation. The student, Jessica Jin, led a group of her peers in strapping “gigantic” dildos onto their backpacks with the message “cocks not glocks.” “We’re fighting absurdity with absurdity,” Jin explained. The only problem: It’s illegal to openly brandish a dildo in the state of Texas. Still, that didn’t stop the intrepid Daily Show correspondent from waving a large phallus and joining the student march.

Daily Show Joins Texas Students Protesting Guns With Dildos