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The Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. Answers Any and All Lingering Questions You Might Have About Black Twitter

As The Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. points out in tonight’s Black Eye on America segment, 25 percent of Twitter users are African-American, and those users are three times more likely to post daily than their white counterparts. So, you’d think you might have heard of Black Twitter by now. However, if you haven’t, or if you have a non-black social media-averse friend or family member who hasn’t, enjoy Wood’s intro to its many interconnected communities and uses, from generating the finest of memes to facilitating social justice. If Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. was on Twitter, Wood goes so far as to wonder, would he get sucked into staying up late, arguing with trolls too? Or would he be able to go to sleep at a normal human hour? Maybe he’d be more of a Snapchat man?

Daily Show’s Roy Wood Jr. Offers a Primer on Black Twitter