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‘Donald Trump’ Delivers Counterpoint to Trevor Noah’s ‘Fake News’ on the Daily Show

It’s hard to offer a measured analysis of President Trump’s proposed border wall and corporate tax cuts when a certain public figure insists on interrupting your comedy show with his “counterpoints.” Yet that was the reality Trevor Noah faced when Trump impersonator extraordinaire Anthony Atamanuik crashed his Daily Show monologue. Atamanuik’s Trump is full of ideas on how to fulfill his campaign promise and make Mexico pay for a wall (or blimp) it does not want — including convincing migrant workers from south of the border to flood into the country and lower labor costs. Atamanuik stars in Comedy Central’s new weekly late-night talk show The President Show, which debuts on Thursday, April 27. If you want to see the comedian’s top-shelf transformation in person, however, Atamanuik is coming in character to Vulture Fest on May 21. It’s going to be huge.

‘Donald Trump’ Counterpoints Trevor Noah’s ‘Fake News’