Creed Front Man Scott Stapp Is Still Haunted by His Latex Pants in the ‘Higher’ Music Video

Hey, at least he knows.

Looking back on Creed’s “Higher” video is like falling through a wormhole into a confused era. The year was 1999; we were at the precipice of a new millennium. Myspace and Napster had just entered our cultural orbit, no one knew how to dress, and nü metal was reasonably cool. So, say you’re Scott Stapp, front man of Creed, the most vilified nü metal band to ever claim the genre — you’d be forgiven for reflecting on this dark part of American history later with deep shame. As much as Stapp has tried to repress the memories of “Higher” and all its Jesus posing, levitating, and unnecessary zooming in, there’s still one detail he can’t live down: the pants. “Sometimes I cringe when I see it. Like, ‘What was I thinking? Look at those pants’,” he now tells GQ. Pairing latex with Christianity — a truly bold sartorial choice. (Let out your “Creed was not a Christian band” groans here.) Lucky for Stapp, he’s in a better place now and, by the looks of the photos in this profile, upgraded to a slightly better pants material: denim. A changed man, indeed.

Even Scott Stapp Cringes at Creed’s ‘Higher’ Video