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Tuck In for Plenty of Food-Related Sexual Innuendos in Katy Perry’s New Song ‘Bon Appétit’

Are you hungry? Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Katy Perry is served. After teasing her new song — the follow-up to her less-delicious “Chained to the Rhythm” — with a call for the best cherry pie recipe, the actual menu presented on “Bon Appétit” with Migos is even sweeter. (And full of tasty food puns for the gluttonous.) Show us someone who’s never started their day with dessert, and we’ll show you a person who’s never woken up to Katy Perry and her smorgasbord of sexual innuendos prepared. Though we would never suggest cannibalism here at Vulture, does, uh, Katy Perry count as a food group?

Hear Katy Perry’s Food-Innuendo-Filled Song ‘Bon Appétit’