Here’s Your First Look at Anthony Atamanuik’s ‘President Show’ Set

Ahead of tomorrow night’s premiere of The President Show at 11:30pm, Comedy Central welcomed a group of reporters this morning – or as Anthony Atamanuik’s Trump called them, “the crooked media” – for a press conference with Trump and his TV sidekick Mike Pence (Peter Grosz) and a sneak peek of the President Show set, which is, according to Trump, “the greatest set in the history of television.” It’s all in the details for the Oval Office set, which includes everything from an Andrew Jackson portrait to way too many photos of Trump to, of course, a Russian nesting doll as a special shout-out to the country that helped him win the election. Check out some photos of the set below, and watch the rest when The President Show debuts tomorrow night with its very first guest Keith Olbermann.

Here’s Your First Look at Anthony Atamanuik’s […]