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James Corden’s Parents Are The Late Late Show’s Secret Weapon

Seth Meyers has A Closer Look. Jimmy Kimmel has pranks. Samantha Bee has Samantha Bee. Every late-night host needs a reason for people to stay up past their bedtime. James Corden’s golden ticket used to be Carpool Karaoke, but now it’s time we face facts: The Late Late Show would be nothing without Margaret and Malcolm Corden. Time and again, Corden’s delightful parents have brought their British charm Stateside to steal their son’s show, proving with each appearance that your parents will always be cooler than you. Monday night, they returned to what should really be called The Late Late Show With Margaret, Malcolm, and Some Other Corden to bring us all the necessary courtside commentary from the NCAA Final. What’s a Gonzaga and why does March Madness end in April? Allow your favorite Cordens — including one newly “manscaped” Mr. Corden, hubba hubba — to explain absolutely nothing other than why they’re such a hoot.

In June, their son will take The Late Late Show back home to London for three shows, presumably providing even more opportunities for Malcolm and Margaret to shine. Behold the Mr. and Mrs. Corden highlight reel below and demand they be put on payroll.

Just look at them on their home turf, taking in an NFL game from across the pond to get to the bottom of why Americans pretend to enjoy this stuff:

They liked it so much, the Cordens even made it to the Super Bowl, before promptly ditching the sports to audition for the halftime show instead. Someone give them the Lombardi.

But why stop there? To expand their American sporting expertise, Margaret and Malcolm experienced the machismo of WWE’S Monday Night Raw from London and, boy, did things get frisky. Watch out, Malcolm, the missus is not to be trusted in a locker room:

Aside from being budding sports analysts, the Cordens have also perfected the art of giving kids The Talk.

But you’re not a Corden until you’ve hosted an awards show; thank goodness Malcolm and Margaret are inching closer and closer to that deserving moment. They’ve heckled James at the Tonys, and who could forget the time they celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary at the Grammys by shamelessly flirting with every celebrity in sight? May we never know a late-night world without the best Cordens.

The Late Late Show’s Secret Weapon? James Corden’s Parents