Jimmy Kimmel Bemoans the ‘Hostage Situation’ That Is the Celebrity Promposal

Jimmy Kimmel is not here for the fools who dream of going to prom with famous people. Earlier this month, a kid in Arizona staged a surprisingly well-mixed revision of La La Land’s “Another Day of Sun” in order to ask Oscar-winner Emma Stone to go to prom with him. As she is a grown-up adult with grown-up responsibilities, notably including filming a movie in London, Stone declined. You might think this is vaguely cute, but Jimmy Kimmel does not, comparing the whole celebrity promposal fad to a “hostage situation,” which usually puts famous women in uncomfortable position of either hanging out with a 16-year-old, or finding the politest way to point out that’s all pretty creepy. Also, just as a word, “promposal” is no good.

Jimmy Kimmel Bemoans Celebrity Promposals