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Joan Baez Is Coming Out of Songwriting Retirement Because of Donald Trump

Joan Baez. Photo: FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images

Joan Baez, believe it or not, hasn’t written a new song in 25 years. A quarter of a century! However, there’s some good news: she’s writing one right now. But the bad news: the only reason she’s writing it is because Donald Trump is the current president of the United States. As explained in a new interview in Rolling Stone, the protest-song queen — who will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame later this week — was so inspired by the 2016 presidential race that she couldn’t help but crank out “five-and-counting verses” in a “Guthrie-esque melody” that’s somewhat in Trump’s honor:

She starts singing – about a wall, lies, a missing wife. “Here’s what I think/You better talk to a shrink,” she sings. “You’ve got some serious psychological disorders.”

However, Baez is unsure if she’s actually going to release it. “It’s not a good song, but it will make people laugh, so I’ll probably just put it on YouTube,” she explained. “Maybe I’m grateful for Trump, because otherwise it would seem very bland. I’m not agitating enough people. When I got respectable, I got creeped out.” We have a feeling there are quite a few people who would be interested in hearing this. Agitate away, Joan.

Joan Baez Coming Out of Songwriting Retirement Due to Trump