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John Oliver Calls Out Jeff Sessions for Using a Lady Gaga Quote to Argue Against Marijuana

Is Jeff Sessions a little monster? Once upon a time, the attorney general used a Lady Gaga quote to argue against medical marijuana. “This drug is dangerous, you cannot play with it, it’s not funny, it’s not something to laugh about,” Sessions says in a clip unearthed on Last Week Tonight. “Lady Gaga has said she’s addicted to it and it’s not harmless.” In a segment about the myriad federal and state legislations governing medical marijuana use (including audio of Richard Nixon saying he’s determined to “hit [medical marijuana advocacy] right square in the puss”), Oliver calls out Sessions’s selective Gaga knowledge. “Lady Gaga also said, ‘I believe that men and women deserve to love each other equally,’ as well as ‘Touch me in the dark, put your hands all over my body parts,’” Oliver said. “So please, Jeff, if you’re going to live your life according to Gaga quotes, accept the entire canon.”

John Oliver Debunks Sessions’s Anti-Pot Line Using Lady Gaga