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Justin Trudeau Has a Rather Undiplomatic Response to That Matthew Perry Beating

Justin Trudeau. Photo: Pool/Getty Images

Childhood wounds fester the deepest, so it sounds about right that Justin Trudeau, a civilized political leader from freaking Canada of all places, remains mad about that time a 10-year-old Matthew Perry beat him up. Perry unearthed the juvenile trauma a couple of weeks ago, and Trudeau, who’s been “giving it some thought,” has now decided he’s out for revenge. “You know what, who hasn’t wanted to punch Chandler?” the Canadian prime minister queried on Twitter Saturday. (Good April Fool’s Day joke, sir. The correct answer is most people — Chandler Bing was funny, and the collective friends of Friends conspiracy to the contrary where they act like he isn’t must die.) In between diplomatic envoys and the like, Trudeau would like a rematch against his childhood foe, which, if “The One With the Bullies” is to be believed, will not go well for Matt.

Justin Trudeau Wants a Rematch to That Matthew Perry Beating