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Late Show’s Sean Spicer Muppet Mash-up Song Confirms We’ve Entered the Dada Phase of Late-Night Trump Jokes

Yesterday Late Night With Seth Meyers poked fun at Breitbart News with a surreal fake interview peppered with honks and screeches. Tonight, Late Show With Stephen Colbert inserted White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s many reassurances that everything is “phenomenal” with that classic Muppet Show song “Mahna Mahna” with especially silly results. One more absurd and/or goofy political late-night bit and maybe we’ve officially moved beyond the “Cheeto-spray-tan dictator” stage of Trump joke. Maybe we can all move on to something unexpected, and much stranger. Phenomenal.

Late Show Makes a Sean Spicer Muppet Mash-up Song