What Has Feist Been Up to for the Last 6 Years? Watching a Lot of Nashville

Leslie Feist.

It’s been six whole years since Leslie Feist released Metals, her follow-up to The Reminder, which featured her breakthrough hit “1234.” Now that she’s doing press for her upcoming album Pleasure (due out April 28), we finally get to learn what Feist been up to all this time (and no, unfortunately it wasn’t weighing in on that time Shia LaBeouf and Michael Bay got into a fight over her music). The New York Times got the scoop:

I was completely open to the idea that I might focus on something else for a while,” Feist said. She watched a lot of “Nashville,” traveled and read extensively, and even took up woodworking — making benches, bed frames, a screen porch — inspired in part by John Steinbeck’s “Journal of a Novel,” the letters he kept while writing “East of Eden.”

Steinbeck and woodworking seems par for the course for a career hiatus. And because no one can resist the charms of Connie Britton, Leslie Feist spent much of her hiatus from making music watching a show about making music! Nashies, unite.

Meanwhile, Leslie Feist Has Been Watching a Lot of Nashville