Ludacris Gives Ludicrous Health Advice and Explains His ‘Vitamin D’ Abs to Conan

When Fate of the Furious star Chris “Ludacris” Bridges stopped by Conan, he had a lot to say about “Vitamin D,” both his song and the nutrient. According to the rapper and newly minted Fear Factor host, the proper dosage for women is daily and should be absorbed in a very specific way. “You’re either doing a great public service announcement right now or you’re a disgusting person,” Conan told Ludacris.

The conversation then turned to Ludacris’s shirtless body in the music video for “Vitamin D,” which includes CGI-enhanced abs that look less like the stomachs sported by his Fast and Furious co-stars and more like a young child’s padded Hulk costume. When asked if he thought he’d be able to get away with such fake muscles, Ludacris responded: “I knew 100-percent I would, because this is typical Ludacris behavior.” Considering how many of the rapper’s earlier music videos also included CGI bodies, he’s not wrong.

Ludacris Explains His ‘Vitamin D’ CGI Abs to Conan