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With Her New Role As Elizabeth I in Mary Queen of Scots, Margot Robbie Comes One Step Closer to Playing Every Woman in History

Margot Robbie. Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

If cinema is one of our great time capsules, the aliens who find our records in the future might assume that the only woman of consequence in our entire human history was Margot Robbie. Or maybe they won’t know we were a thing called humans at all, instead assuming that we were a Cylon race and Margot Robbie was our most desirable and proliferate female model (which is like half-true). According to Variety, Margot Robbie will play Queen Elizabeth I in Mary Queen of Scots. Like so many of Robbie’s movies, this one is based on a true story, and follows Mary Stuart’s attempt to unhorse her cousin, Elizabeth I, from the throne so that she could ascend to power. That didn’t really work out for Mary (Saoirse Ronan), and she was eventually executed after spending years in prison for her crimes. That’s right. It’s Ronan vs. Robbie in an opulent cinematic showdown of fair-skinned titans. Since history is already written, we know Elizabeth I will come out on top in this story, but the woman with the most magnificent outerwear will surely triumph in the hearts and minds of viewers.

Margot Robbie Cast As Elizabeth I in Mary Queen of Scots