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Sorry, Coogan and Brydon: Michael Caine Doesn’t Think Your Impressions of Him Are the Best

In a sad piece of news affecting the British comedy community, Michael Caine has revealed that Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon — you know, those two delightful chaps who bicker and try to upstage each other at all times in their Trip series — are not, in fact, his favorite Caine impressionists. (If you don’t know what we’re talking about, their Trip Caine-offs have been decisive across-the-pond comedy highlights this past decade. It was so nice, they even had to do it twice.) And to make matters even worse for “Coogdon,” Caine’s top impressionist isn’t even from the island nation. Fuggedaboutit. He’s a certain American named Tom Hanks. “He did it on The Late Show in New York, that’s where I saw it. I was surprised,” Caine explained. “I know Tom Hanks and he’s never done it for me.” Vulture has unearthed this supposed “best” impression — it was on Saturday Night Live and not The Late Show — so decide its greatness amongst yourselves.

Michael Caine’s Favorite Impression of Himself Is Surprising