Attention, NBC: Minnie Driver Would Really, Really Like to Be in That Will & Grace Revival, Thanks

Minnie Driver. Photo: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

Despite the fact that her current employer is ABC and not NBC, Speechless star and amazing-hair haver Minnie Driver told the L.A. Times today that she “will die” if she’s not included in this fall’s Will & Grace reboot at the Peacock. Fans of the beloved eight-season-long sitcom will recall that Driver appeared as Karen’s estranged husband Stanley’s mistress, Lorraine Finster. Asked what she’d like to see her character get up to, Driver took a relaxed attitude: “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do,” she said, in a rather Finster-y fashion. “There’s nowhere Lorraine Finster couldn’t have gone,” Driver added. A chance to see Mullaly and Driver wreak some havoc near or on each other sounds just fine to us. Hear that, writers room?

Minnie Driver Really Wants to Be in the Will & Grace Revival