Mystery Science Theater 3000 Riffing on Stranger Things Will Draw You Into an Ouroboros of Nostalgia

If you’re old enough to appreciate the Steven Spielberg–ness of Stranger Things’ kid-focused sci-fi adventure, and nerdy enough to have spent your Saturdays trying to tape every Mystery Science Theater 3000 rerun off the Sci-Fi Channel, prepare to lose the next 48 hours of your life. Jonah Ray and MST3K’s sassy lil’ bots are back in a new iteration of Mystery Science Theater 3000, released today on Netflix. Hopefully hearing them poke fun at David Harbour’s police chief Jim Hopper as he slowly, and disgustingly, chain-smokes through his morning routine will transport you back to a younger, more innocent time in your life, or, at the very least, convince you to never smoke shirtless in front of robots again.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Riffs on Stranger Things