Nicki Minaj and DNCE Want You to Want Them (for the Song of the Summer) in New Single ‘Kissing Strangers’

It’s never too early to start flirting with Song of the Summer. In fact, Drake’s “One Dance” was released in early April of last year, becoming his first number-one hit, getting streamed over a billion times and dominating the Billboard charts until well into the fall. So really, right now is the perfect time to make a move, and Nicki Minaj’s new song with DNCE, “Kissing Strangers,” certainly wants to remind you of your warmer weather self. But does it having staying power? Will the “na na nas” start to grate or will you start every single day for the next five months singing along with them during your commute? More importantly, will it make you actually kiss strangers? Only time will tell. Like you needed the excuse.

Nicki Minaj and DNCE Team Up on New Song ‘Kissing Strangers’