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O.J.: Made in America Won Its Oscar Just in Time — the Academy Is Changing Its Rules

Still from O.J.: Made in America. Photo: ESPN Films

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences is changing its rules. Going forward, multipart or limited series will not be eligible for awards consideration in the documentary category. O.J.: Made in America, the ESPN-produced seven-and-a-half-hour doc that won the Oscar for filmmaker Ezra Edelman, only qualified because it first appeared at Sundance as a single feature. (Hopefully you were at least allowed to get up and pee, or jog around the theater, or eat a meal or two.) The film was a controversial Oscar nominee since many felt it was actually a limited series, which is exactly what Made in America might end up calling itself when Emmy nominations are announced in July.

If O.J. wins an Emmy, the docuseries is just one step closer to its much desired EGOT. Can’t remember, were there any really good songs in there?

O.J.: Made in America Won Its Oscar Just in Time