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One Pretty Little Liars Star Is Pretty Sure the Show Contributed to Trump’s Presidency

Truth. Photo: Freeform

Pretty Little Liars may have gotten some flak over the past few seasons for its convoluted plotlines and never-ending questions, but besides the head-scratching tweets that may ensue from a particularly confusing episode, there’s now a more serious matter at hand: The lack of PLL logic may have caused Donald Trump to become our next president. Thanks a lot, America! Well, at least according to one of the show’s leading men, Ian Harding, who explained his logic in an oral history for Cosmopolitan. “I wonder if we secretly paved the way for the Trump administration. Because it’s just about what you want to believe at all times and ignoring the obvious truths, and people just go with you for seven years on that,” he said. “There are so many times of, like, Go to the police! Don’t make this more difficult than it needs to be! It’s all about misinformation and a complete lack of logic. We just saturated the United States with it. I think we’re secretly to blame for the current president.”

Harding’s not alone. Elsewhere in the oral history, other faces behind the show jokingly lamented its frequently absurd narrative structure. “I created a little box that hung on the wall in the art department. If you asked a logic question, you had to put a dollar in it,” production designer Jakub Durkoth said, with actress Janel Parrish adding, “We just joked about the fact that every cop that we’ve had on the show has been bad in some way. What the hell, Rosewood?” And yes, everyone knows the Liars were never present at school. “They never go to class. They always have coffee dates and breakfast,” costume designer Mani Line said. “I’d be like, Marlene, did they go to school? ‘Not yet!’ What time is it? ‘1 p.m.!’ The absurdity trickles into every department. If someone said about Aria, ‘That skirt is a little short,’ I would say, She sleeps with her English teacher.” Oh, Rosewood.

PLL Star Thinks the Show Paved the Way to a Trump Presidency