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Rosario Dawson Is Happy to Be Publicly Dating Eric Andre, But Would Be Happier If Tongue Pics Had Not Been Required As Proof

Rosario Dawson and Eric Andre are a couple. We know this because, thanks to the disbelieving haters and losers of the world, Dawson and Andre have provided us with ample proof. Does Dawson wish affirming her relationship didn’t require the public release of her tongue touching another person’s tongue? At three years older (and wiser) than her “such a millennial” boyfriend, yes, yes, she does. But ultimately she’s cool with it, as long as you understand that not only are she and Andre a couple, they’re a really good couple. Like, they meditate, they journal, he took care of her in an adult diaper, that’s how in this they are. Better luck next time, Chance the Rapper.

Rosario Dawson Promises She and Eric Andre Make Great Couple