Samantha Bee Explains How Paid Russian Trolls Used Facebook and Twitter to Fool Gullible American Voters

Here’s a clip from last night’s Full Frontal, where Samantha Bee breaks down how paid Russian trolls targeted gullible American voters to ultimately sway the election in Trump’s favor – a news story Bee first covered last year when she traveled to Moscow to interview real Russian trolls. “Basically Trump was Russia’s Trojan horse’s ass, filling himself with Russian propaganda and then disgorging it – I assume unwittingly because, you know, it’s him. But, if you’re about to fire off a smug tweet about gullible conservatives, put your phone down,” Bee says, noting that the Russian propaganda wasn’t just aimed at the far-right but the far-left as well, including reports that they flooded Bernie Sanders Facebook groups with anti-Hillary Clinton fake news stories. “Paid trolls are real. And when they’re done interfering in the French and German elections, they’ll have time to tell us how many children Susan Rice murdered with Cory Booker so POTUS can retweet it,” Bee says. “That’s why all of us need to start being a little less Mulder and a little more Scully.”

Samantha Bee Explains How Paid Russian Trolls Used […]