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Here’s the Video John Mayer Had to Preemptively Defend Against Accusations of Cultural Appropriation

Just when one apology tour ends, another looks poised to begin. John Mayer recently told the New York Times that elements of his song “Still Feel Like Your Man” reminded him of an admittedly nonexistent musical genre “ancient Japanese R&B,” which also inspired the concept for the track’s accompanying music video. That video arrived today, and it seems to have fallen short of Mayer’s promises about cultural sensitivity. It does indeed have the promised “disco dojo,” as well as dancing pandas, two people training with swords in a bamboo forest, and much more. Despite being aware that “part of cultural appropriation is blindness,” by the time Mayer begins doing some choreographed dancing with the pandas, not even the video’s “very multiethnic casting” could help matters much. Mayer was right about one thing, though, people are definitely going to “tweet that this is cultural appropriation.”

Here’s the Video John Mayer Tried to Preemptively Defend